The Whittlesea Courthouse Association Inc. is also the Publisher of the community magazine the Town Crier which is produced monthly from February to December. The magazine is available free to everyone throughout the City of Whittlesea and surrounding areas.

Currently the Town Crier magazine has a circulation of over 3,700 copies each month.

The Town Crier contains local community news and events, giving non-profit organisations valuable media coverage at no cost. It provides an outlet for businesses to pay for advertising and to promote themselves in a much sought after publication.

The community has supported the magazine since it was established in 1986 and continues to do so; the Whittlesea Courthouse Association took over as the publisher in 1997. It is very much an asset to the community and with its motto ‘Of the Community, For the Community & By the Community’ it aims to support those who support it.

Deadline for copy and advertising is: 15th of each month (the month preceding the edition to be printed). Actual print is completed by 1st of each month



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